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Welcome to Our City Bikaner

Bikaner - The City of Joy, Happiness and Religions. A vast expanse of rippling sand and scorching son. An arid, rocky scrubland. It is situated on an elevated ground, surrounded by a seven-kilometer-long embattled wall marked by five gates. The Rathore prince Rao Bikaji, the liveliest and most enterprising son of Rao Jodhaji of Marwar, founded Bikaner in 1488 AD. The harsh desert surrounds this rich city, no doubt few could gather courage to venture into this part of the globe. The old part of Bikaner city is surrounded by a stone wall that is 15�30 feet (5�9 m) high and has five gates. Bikaner is now a trade centre for wool, hides, building stone, salt, and grain. Bikaneri woolen shawls, blankets, carpets, and sugar candy are famous, and there are also ivory and lacquer ware handicrafts.

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